Knowledge Quality Service
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Company Profile for Jay Gee Wood Products, Inc.

Founded in 1968 by Joseph Freund, a master woodworker and cabinetmaker, Jay Gee Wood began manufacturing wood components in a 5000 sq ft loft building in Chicago Illinois. Based on the three guiding principles of Knowledge, Quality and Service Jay Gee Wood maintained steady and rapid growth through the years. Today the family owned business has office headquarters and warehousing in Barrington IL and two international manufacturing facilities in Mexico and China comprising over 300,000 sq feet. From small prototype runs to large capacity part requirements Jay Gee Wood is focused on establishing new national and international business markets. Jay Gee Wood products are used in a wide variety of applications and industries including B2B manufacturing, residential, commercial, home, business, travel, health, entertainment, education, government, hospitality and culinary.

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